Weekly Report: Week Two (days 006-008)

I admit it - I could get used to a three-day school week.

EG's tenth birthday was yesterday, so we stopped for the week on Wednesday. Who wants to do school on her birthday or his sister's birthday? As an added "bonus," it was the first day of school for the public schools in our county. We were definitely the antithesis of "back to school" this year.

EG had a good shortened week. She finished up the last sentences in Practice Town and covered more in Grammar Voyage. She also finished reading Mythology as her assigned literature book, and read The Westing Game in her free reading time, before turning to the second book in the Alanna series and Spy vs. Spy, one of her birthday presents.

She completed lessons six through eight in Advanced Algebra and did drill each day. She completed another segment of PLATO Life Science and read an additional chapter in Science Matters. She also watched lectures one through three of The Joy of Science. I found worksheets of a sort for the PLATO science course, so I gave her the first of those as a sort of review. It was multiple-choice and she aced it.

For history, she read about ancient Egypt, writing her summary about the Nile and how Egyptian life was dependent upon it. She continues to take well to outlining. For Latin, she completed three exercises in the text and two in the workbook. Finally, for art appreciation, she read about Light & Shading.

EG also had her ten year old doctor visit. She continues to hover near the bottom of the chart for weight, and her BMI is somewhere below the fifth percentile. I swear, I feed her. Her new trumpet mouthpiece is making a tremendous difference, too.

FB also had a good week. He finished three lessons in OPGTR, and finished the remainder of week two in WWE 1. He also did lessons five through seven in FLL, and practiced copywork plus starting corner capitals.

Among the books FB read or had read to him this week were two or three Bob books, Secrets of the Mummies, Henny Penny, The Boy Who Loved to Draw, Meet the Orchestra, Color Dance, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Water Dance, and Leonardo and the Flying Boy. He's also listened to several stories from Green's Tales of Ancient Egypt.

As the above list indicates, FB started learning about Egypt in SOTW this week. He really enjoys his coloring pages and the mapwork. We got the film Mysteries of Egypt from Netflix, and he's done a few experiments from the Colors Little Lab for science.

I'll write a more detailed memory work update next week. :)


Monica . . . said...

I look forward to hearing about your year with SOTW, as it's one of the things I'm contemplating for next year.

Birthday weeks are fun - we have 3 b-days in April, so we normally end up with most of the month as a birthday celebration, lol.


Gretchen said...

Short weeks are nice, aren't they? Last year we usually did a VERY short day on Friday, which is not the plan this year...but so far I still feel like a hero for doing a full day of school on Friday.

What are you having EG outline?

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