Weekly Report: Week Six (days 024-028)

Fabulous Boy
Language Arts – FB did five lessons of FLL, including beginning to memorize another poem. He also completed Week Six of WWE 1, many pages in ETC, three lessons from OPGTR, and worked on 'o' and 's' from HWT. He read several Bob books, and listened to Chicken Little, The Mommy Book, van Gogh and the Sunflowers, Pet Show, The Winged Cat, Music, Music for Everyone, Oh Say Can You Say, Doctor DeSoto, Doctor DeSoto Goes to Africa, and Stellaluna. We also read some stories from McCaughrean's God's People, to tie in with his chapters in SOTW this week.

Arithmetic – FB worked through five lessons in Right Start A, and we read Pepper's Journal from the MathStart book series.

History – This week, FB covered chapters six and seven from SOTW 1. We read the stories of Abraham and Joseph, and learned about Hammurabi's Code. He did mapwork from each chapter, listened to the chapter about Hammurabi in Ten Kings and the World They Ruled, and read a few pages in UBWH.

Science – EG & the Spousal Unit helped FB complete an experiment from the Colors lab, we re-read What Makes A Shadow?, and played with the prism more. I think we'll try to finish up the Colors Little Lab in the next couple of weeks.

Fine Arts – FB continues to love Master's Academy. We all listened to the Classics for Kids shows on Bach & the Brandenburg Concertos during dinner. :)

Memory Work – FB is doing well with his memory work. This week, he added poem 14, level one from IEW's poetry program, as well as "Four Seasons of the Year."

Homeschool soccer started this week! EG has wanted to try soccer for a long time, but due to the general way soccer is set up around here, I had shied away from it since she was over, oh, age five. This is perfect – she gets a chance to play without so much competitiveness. FB is thrilled to run around outside for two hours with other kids. He also knew one of his teammates from Master's Academy.

Eclectic Girl
Language Arts – EG did the first four sentences in Practice Voyage this week, and we continued through World of Poetry with chapter four and its suggested activities. She also began Essay Voyage! I already loved the MCT curricula in general, but this book – oh, it's just wonderful. We read chapter one together, and EG started on one of the options at the end of the chapter.

Memory Work – EG added the Pythagorean Theorem, parts of a cell, her father's cell phone number, and poem 2.16 to her memory work this week.

Mathematics – EG worked through four lessons of Life of Fred and beat both levels of drill. She's started chapter four in Number Theory, but we did miss Math Olympiad this week in order to watch the agricultural commissioner debate. Oh, yes. We're that family, the one that had to make the hard decision between math geekery and scientific/political geekery.

Science – EG finished the third unit of PLATO Life Science, and half of the worksheets for it! Yay! She also read Eyewitness Seashore and Visual Dictionary of the Human Body, and is looking through Animal (which, by the way, ties in nicely with option one in chapter one of Essay Voyage).

History – EG has been steaming through her history work, so since she's ready for "week 8" and this is only "week 6," I had her concentrate on her assigned reading and a few more pages in her outlining workbook.

Latin – EG made good progress into chapter four of Latin Prep 1.

Fine Arts – More Master's Academy, of course. EG read about prehistoric art in Art and also read Susie Hodge's Prehistoric Art. She read a few pages in The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, then read and listened to all of The Young Person's Guide to Opera. She also read the Preface and the Introduction to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

Other Stuff – EG's trumpet lessons continue to go well. She seems to be really enjoying her History of Science course, and I mentioned homeschool soccer above. The exciting thing this week was the aforementioned debate for state agricultural commissioner. We had intended to attend in person, then found out that the event was expected to go into overflow rooms! Luckily, there was a simultaneous webcast, so after a few initial hiccups, we were good to go. I'm always a fan of the political process, and this debate was focused specifically on issues of sustainable agriculture. EG was enthralled, and at one point, she turned to me and said she wanted to go to the library and learn "everything there was" about it.

Purple Child
Time to use the toilet. She shows interest, she understands the concept, and most importantly, continuing to have her in diapers is detrimental to her skin. She has ugly red welts and blisters. It's clearly something digestive, but since she eats practically everything in existence, narrowing it down seems unlikely. In this case, it's going to be far easier to have her use the toilet, and then see if any other manifestations occur.

The dog's reprieve is over; she's getting clickered. Bwahahaha.


Gretchen said...

Ha! We even combined the same two chapters in SOTW, so we could stay in sync ;)

Smrt Mama said...

Daddyman bought a retractable leash for Badge and now he's completely unlearned how to behave himself on a damn walk for me (since I won't use the retractable leash). I'm so steamed.

Tonia said...

We just got a clicker for our dog as well - time for some serious training. Looks like you guys had a good week!

Robyn said...

You got a lot done this week! Skin issues are what trained our 3rd ds. I told him if he went in the potty his bum wouldn't hurt anymore. He practically trained himself! (The only one of my 4 kids who did "practically train himself though!) It looks like EG is mostly independent with her work? We're moving that direction next year with my oldest ds (now 4th). I'm interested to see how 5th goes for you this year!

Monica . . . said...

I wish we had a h/s soccer group around here. That sounds like fun!

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