Photographic Posting

This would have been one of two Wordless Wednesday posts yesterday IF my internet connection had cooperated. The Comcast technician just left the premises, however, and consequently I now have the power to upload pictures again. This is how we celebrated the first day of spring - the sun was shining, the temperature just over seventy degrees, and it was an all around lovely day.

And yes, I did give my children a gift on the first day of spring. Sometimes I roll my eyes at me, too. That said, we don't do anything big for St. Patrick's Day, so maybe it all comes out in the wash.


Smrt Mama said...

Hey, y'all were in Acworth and you didn't call me? UNACCEPTABLE.

Kash said...

We only ended up being there about 30 minutes because we forgot sunscreen, & all the redheads started turning pink!

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