Weekly Report: Week Twenty-Eight

Normally, this time of year, I'd be talking about spring fever makes it hard to concentrate. This, however, is the year that winter just wouldn't go away, so while there are a few signs of hope, overall, it's not been springy enough to result in any fevers.

It's been a pretty good week. We found out the local ice skating rink does a homeschool skate on the 2nd Tuesday & 2nd Friday of each month, so the Spousal Unit took EG & FB on Tuesday while PC & I went to La Leche League, and they've convinced me to take them again this morning prior to band. Johnny Weir & Apolo Ohno may have inadvertently created a couple of monsters. I take no blame, even though I have been letting FB watch Be Good Johnny Weir.

EG read T. S. Eliot this week (Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats), as well as The Cricket in Times Square. I didn't make her write a narration of the former because that seemed a little ridiculous. She's chugging right along through Grammar Town - we'll probably finish it next week - and Caesar's English I. We've also started on Paragraph Town, since she's already familiar with the four-level analysis. The last two paragraph lab assignments have focused on Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, which has amused her, I think, since she memorized it earlier this year. As I told her, "This is based on something that you are really familiar with." We're still not formally covering spelling. At this point I think we'll wait to review after Grammar Town is finished, at least.

Math continues to go well. EG wrapped up another chapter and did well on the Cities. I love when she talks about math - "It's kind of hard, and challenging, but it's fun!" She's still doing drill, and finished five pages in Key to Percents Book 2.

History this week covered the Space Race & landing men on the moon. She wrote a summary for both sections of the chapter in SOTW, and read Team Moon as well. Her biography project this week was to read part of McCollough's Truman, and she finished two chapters. She said the first chapter was boring (Truman's family history), but started enjoying it in the second chapter. Over the weekend, we watched Guns, Germs, & Steel and she enjoyed that, too.

She finished reading Touch This! for physics and will work in Physics Workshop for a couple of hours this afternoon, after ice skating and band.

Latin is still going well, steadily but surely. Two more weeks and Lively Latin will be finished! Logic is going well, too; she completed two or three problems in Mind Benders, and four pages in Orbiting with Logic. We both are enjoying having the Level 1 poems on an every other day schedule (for memory work).

Last week was a break from piano lessons (her teacher was out of town), and thanks to snow, there was no trumpet lesson last week either! Both returned to the schedule this week, and FB had tumbling class on Wednesday. They're in the throes of learning their lines for the end of year play for Master's Academy, and PC continues to be dragged along 'most everywhere.


Daisy said...

Awesome week! I think I might have been bored by Truman also, so I'm rather impressed that she "got" into it. LOL. I'm hearing a ton about Guns, Germs, and Steel lately. I may have to check that book out of the library (once I finish my stack).

Have fun ice skating!

Faith said...

Wow, I am impressed!

Moonbeam said...

How wonderful that you've discovered ice skating and are able to enjoy it a bit longer. Congratulations on accomplishing so much this week.

WildIris said...

Some one else mentioned Guns, Germs and Steel. It's my Netflix Que. Spring is coming.

cyn said...

What a great week!
Sounds like it was a fun AND productive week!

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