Weekly Report: Week Thirty (Through Day 140, Anyway)

Billy Joel's been on my mind this week, through a combination of factors. I won't detail that for you, but I am taking a lesson from one particular song. Hence, we have weekly report in moments and, well, days to hold to. ('Cause we won't, although we'll want to.)

The best moments of the week were non-academic. Discussing some recent national news over dinner, the Spousal Unit and I were thrilled when the kids reacted just as we would have desired if we'd programmed their response. Sure, they'll change their views as they get older, but at least we're managing to teach them our values.

Then there was EG in all her righteous indignation, when an activity was characterized as "just for girls." Her fury was magnificent; her words persuasive. I felt downright called to action myself. Best of all, she's not afraid to go against what friends or peers may state, just to "get along."

Memory work yields its own priceless moments. FB loves to recite one of his poems with odd rhythm or a strange accent. He usually focuses on "After the Party" for these shenanigans, but has been known to give this treatment to "The Yak" and "The Little Man Who Wasn't There" as well. And then there's EG, reciting an excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have A Dream." Because she memorizes the quickest when she can listen to the material, she spent the first two weeks of work on this listening to the great man himself, on that famous day in 1963. The result is a tiny white girl speaking with the cadences of a black preacher. At least she is from Atlanta!

We've had great conversations as EG heads into the 1960s for history. President Kennedy's assassination, the Cold War, the Space Race, the Civil Rights movement... her ability to discuss the deep, underlying issues surprises and gratifies. Next week, she'll be reading about the Vietnam war and talking to some of her relatives who were alive during that conflict.

FB wants so badly to be just like his big sister. I'm impressed with his tenacity and perseverance; despite the inability to read most written directions, he plows forward. He asks for more time to do math. He volunteers to help with diverse tasks.

EG finished Grammar Town this week, and heads ever forward with Caesar's English and Paragraph Town, writing an excellent two-paragraph composition with the Cold War as her subject of choice.

Moving ever forward... tomorrow marks the equinox and spring's return, not a day too soon. Today we finally saw the good side of 70°F. I missed it so! But we're ready for spring. Happy equinox!


Daisy said...

Great week in review, Kash! You make me want to hear your daughter give her speech. Youtube? ;-)

And it is gratifying when we hear our children learning to articulate their beliefs.

Smrt Mama said...

Don't forget Woodstock!

Gretchen said...

DH is playing "Movin' Out" for the faculty talent show in May. I like to tell everyone about it, for some reason.

sounds like a good week!

Rose said...

I second Daisy's request for a YouTube.

Robyn said...

You have such a way of painting words on the page! I can just see this all transpiring! Your dd sounds like my ds.... so wise beyond their years! Sounds like a great week!

legendswife said...

OMY! I wish we could get some 70 degree weather here in Minnesota!..lol:)

Moonbeam said...

It sounds like a very successful and satisfying week for all of you.

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