Weekly Report: Week Twenty-Four

We've decided FB will learn to spell before he officially passes from "emergent reader" to "fluent reader." Hey, I'm all right with that, but it is pretty funny when he takes the magnet board, spells out what he wants to read, and then reads it. He's doing well with Right Start A, too - I think we did three or four lessons this week. I am skipping the writing numbers portions of RS, because we're covering that in Handwriting Without Tears. Speaking of HWT, FB finished with his capital letters! He's excited to learn lower case letters. I think I'll start with 'b,' since he uses it consistently already.

PC remains ruler of the house, Queen of the Universe, etc., etc.

EG continues to be doing excellently. I'll be working on ramping up her stuff after we take our mid-winter mini-break, coming up soon. The big news for this week is that she finished both All About Spelling Level 5 and Sentence Island! She continued working through The Music of the Hemispheres and Practice Island, which combined with penmanship and her reading & narrations of Number the Stars and Twenty and Ten, sums up her language arts work for the week.

In math, she continued with daily drill, finished lessons 46-50 in Life of Fred, and did pages 31-36 in Key to Percents Book 1. She also did three pages in Orbiting with Logic and one Mind Bender. For science, she worked for two hours in the Physics Workshop kit, and read in The Cartoon Guide to Physics.

She read about the beginnings of apartheid for history and read about Jackie Robinson and D-Day in her assigned books. Latin was more vocabulary review and work on diagramming Latin sentences.

I almost forgot - EG also finished Level 1 of Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization. That's nineteen poems! Plus, she's also memorized three history-related poems and two speeches. Memory work takes longer and longer, but now the Level 1 poems go to every other day status. Yay!


Daisy said...

Has EG read, "In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson?" That is such a fun book. Lydia loved it. Perfect timing if she hasn't.

Hooray for finishing AAS5 and Sentence Island!

I should have started Ryan on spelling earlier than I did. It might have helped. Go FB! Magnets are fun.

Sounds like a great week.

Kash said...

It's coming up in just a few weeks - so many great books set around that time!

Our Westmoreland School said...

Isn't it incredible how well they can remember things? We do our poetry reviews and I have to look the poems back up, but ds just pulls them out of his memory bank. Kids are so amazing :) Thanks for sharing and WELL DONE!

Robyn said...

Wow! Lots of things finished this week! WTG! I have to admit, I'm horrible at poetry, much less having them memorize... I'm very impressed!

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