Weekly Report: Week Twenty-Five [Version One]

I'm beginning to think maybe I slowed down Latin too much - mainly because she's in the throes of more history and derivative work than specific Latin work. One day a week she reviews the previous week's material and then plays the online vocabulary games.

All of her language arts work is continuing to go well, though we're starting to wind down on the Island level. She and her dad are continuing to do her read-aloud nightly, slowly working their way through The Hunt for Red October. The week's literature selection was Code Talker. I had a hunch that she would really like this book, and I was gratified to be right. She's finished The Music of the Hemispheres and we're re-reading one chapter daily, then discussing one or more of her memorized poems that are good examples for the topic discussed in the chapter. She's also reviewing the stems in Building Language, and started a re-reading of Sentence Island. I know we zoomed through the Island level, so this review and re-reading while she finishes up Practice Island doesn't seem like too much busywork. She finished sentences 61-80 in Practice Island and is showing good retention.

More good news in math - she passed drill level 31! She also completed lessons 51 through 55 in Life of Fred, and pages 37-43 in Key to Percents Book 1.

History this week centered around the aftermath of World War II. She wrote a one-paragraph summary for each section of the chapter in SOTW 4, "The Suez Crisis" and "The Marshall Plan." The former was especially detailed and well-written! She also read Victory in the Pacific and Anne Frank; the biographies and supplemental history books are starting to lag behind SOTW, thanks to all the good books about World War II!

Due to our mid-week trip (see Version Two), EG didn't have physics or The Brain this week, but did read in the Usborne Illustrated Dictionary of Science. We also elected not to introduce new memory work this week, but got into a good groove with the new every other day schedule. In Orbiting with Logic, she did pages 31-37, and two Mind Benders.

FB is doing great, too. I've realized that I have no idea what an "emergent reader" actually looks like. EG went from "not really reading" to "reading chapter books" in less than a month, and my mom remembers me being similar. So I think FB would be classified as an emergent reader, but I really have no earthly idea. He's doing well with sounding out two-consonant blends as well as his overall blend-together process. Math is going well, too, though clearly he sometimes thinks RS is too easy and other times strange. So far it's balanced between the two, so that's good. He's progressing forward in handwriting, so I went ahead and bought Spelling Workout A from amazon. We'll start it next week or the week after, if I can keep him away from it for that long!

I can't believe we've finished day 125 already!


Daisy said...

I'll define what emergent reader meant in my house. It meant the boy could sit down and blow through My Father's Dragon BUT if I picked up a level 4 (I Can Read) book he would balk and tell me how hard it was. Hmmmm. Selective Reading?

What a fun history year you are having. I'm looking forward to modern history. My knowledge if fairly sketchy. No one ever makes it past the Vietnam War in those college history classes.

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