What's For Dinner?

I had to do last minute rearranging of my meal plans for the week, which meant an additional trip to the grocery store this evening. Instead of thawing flank steak, my other half brought in cube steak. Oops. So, with cube steak freshly thawed, we're changing dinner for the week. I am bummed, a bit, because I like cube steak, but we've already had it this month. Additionally, this is the last of the cube steak from our quarter cow. While we're definitely wanting a half (versus a quarter) next year, which will mean six packs of cube steak, late May/early June is quite awhile to wait!

Monday: Cube steaks in the crock pot, leftover mashed potatoes from Saturday, and green beans
Tuesday: Leftovers - bbq chicken, hot dogs, etc.
Wednesday: Hamburgers, baked beans, and some fruit
Thursday: Leftover cube steaks, fried okra (hopefully that's in our CSA box this week), and Annie's macaroni and cheese
Friday: Payday! We'll either still have leftovers, or we'll have pizza night or spaghetti.
Saturday: French bread pizza
Sunday: Rib steak, squash casserole, hot cinnamon applesauce
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