Maybe the last time, I don't know

We start school in the morning. I'm less prepared than I had anticipated. I lost steam around the beginning of June and never really found my motivation after that. I've managed passably well, though, and I've done most of the work that needs to be done. In a little while, the Spousal Unit is going to help me move a few more things into the school area so that we're set up for tomorrow. While we'll be accomplishing school and counting the days towards our required total, I'm viewing this week as a transitional week. EG's planner doesn't start until August, and this week and next, none of their school year activities will have begun.

Summer has felt both long and short. The only difficulty with ending our school year relatively early in May is that we have two to three weeks of "summer break" before it truly feels like summer. I'm contemplating, in the future, having us celebrate reaching 180 days, and then continue with at least some work throughout the remainder of May or until Memorial Day weekend. Then we'd go to our summer pattern: review math daily, read daily, and do something educational daily. The latter might include games, educational viewing, or typing practice, mind, so that's not exactly strenuous!

We love summer camps, though. EG attended resident camp for one week, as well as four weeks of day camp. FB attended four weeks of day camp as well. Next year, they'll be able to attend a few weeks of day camp together! I'm excited for them. I try to schedule it so that I have one week where I have time with just PC (which means that one day of that week, I get time just for ME!), and at least one week each where I have only PC & one older child (again, one day of that week, it's just me & EG or me & FB). I actually don't feel as strongly about having a week with just PC this coming year; she'll appreciate it more as she gets older, and right now, she just misses her siblings when they're gone!

My in-service week went relatively well, and I'll write about it sometime this week. I think tomorrow will go well. FB is really excited about "starting kindergarten," and EG is looking forward to the structure, I think. I'm looking forward to the structure a bit, myself.

Finally, I'm starting a new blogging project. If you're a structured homeschooler that would label yourself "evolutionary," and you think you might want to participate, comment and let me know. I am defining evolutionary as "homeschooling using nonsectarian and/or secular materials whenever possible; giving evolution its due."


Daisy said...

I hope you have a great first week!

You might want to edit you post as you called your youngest child by her real name. :-)

Kash said...

D'oh. I think I need to change her moniker, anyway, I sort of picked it as a placeholder name until she got old enough to have some other descriptor. Maybe the Great Hexer. Hee.

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