Someone asked on the WTM board what changes for the new school year about which everyone is the most excited. Here are mine...

• Our new schedule! We're going to a rotating schedule where each core subject is done four days a week, for my fifth grader. (My kindergarten boy still has a five-day-a-week schedule for his core subjects, but he has a lot fewer core subjects!) I stole the idea from my alma mater, and then tweaked it. I talked a bit about this back in January or February, but I've tweaked it considerably since then. I modified it, also, so that mathematics is covered five days and not just four.

• I feel like I've streamlined our outside classes & activities so that they're more efficient and more focused on the things WE want to focus upon. It's so easy to get swayed in various directions. EG is going to take a public speaking class and participate in math club. She's also going to be able to have her piano lessons at the same location as public speaking and Master's Academy. Less driving for me is definitely a win!

• We're going to concentrate even more on memory work this year. I set up our binders yesterday, and I have a good list of goals of what to memorize this year for each child.

• The biggest change, of course, is formally having two students. Ack!
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