Weekly Report: Week Twenty-Two

Number-style, as my brain is fried.

By the Numbers

Five lessons in Life of Fred Beginning Algebra
Four pages in Key to Percents
Three pages of Level 15 drill
Two pages of Level 31 drill

Many sentences in Practice Island
Five stems in Building Language
Four activities in Sentence Island
Three poems analyzed in The Music of the Hemispheres

One literature book
One summary about said book
Two paragraphs of prewriting for a short story

Thirty pages of read aloud
Four lessons or exercises of Latin

Two books about the Holocaust
Two books about World War II
One biography of Eleanor Roosevelt
One summary on how World War II was three wars in one

One unit of The Brain
Three activities in Water Physics
One book about force and motion

Three pages of logic
One hundred twenty minutes of piano practice

Three lessons in Right Start A
Five or six pages in Miquon Orange
Five pages in Handwriting Without Tears
Many, many CVC words
An enormous number of picture books


sgilli3 said...

What a great post- so very clever! So much achieved too.

Faith said...

Oh I really like how succinctly you did this! Brava! Lots of learning going on at your house!

Daisy said...

And a partridge in a pear tree!!!

Karen said...

Oh Daisy beat me to the partridge in the pear tree. How is EG doing with WWII for history? My 9yo dd has zero tolerance for reading about wars. She doesn't mind evaluating the cause or results of wars, she just doesn't like anything with details of wars.

MissMOE said...

Loved your by the numbers! Thanks for sharing your week--even with a crispy brain!

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