"New Year"

Our "official" start date for the 2011-2012 school year was Wednesday. It being summer, we haven't done that much in the way of formal education. That said, the following all occurred.

- Four activities in Sentence Composing for Elementary School; we started this late in the school year, so she was finishing up a section.
- Typing practice x 3
- Rosetta Stone (German) x 3
- C25K x 2 (w1d2 on Wednesday, w1d3 tonight)
- Trumpet practice x 3

- Two days from the end of WWE 1
- Rosetta Stone (German) x 3
- lots of reading

- lots of writing going on, mostly fiction
- planning for formal work for 2011-2012
- finalized EG's grammar syllabus for 2011-2012
- C25K workouts with EG (I've done the whole program, but on a treadmill and not surface streets, like we are this time)
- GNO with two of my three Ms :)
- Thwarted twice in our quest for Pride shirts from Old Navy, SmrtMama and I had an impromptu day in Midtown yesterday.

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Hillary said...

Sounds good! How are you liking Sentence Composing? We're using it too :)

LG said...

Just "found" your blog today by way of a google search for MCT's "Caesar's English" which took me to Smrt Lernin's blog where I saw a familiar-looking picture which led me here. Very interesting posts. Hope you come back to it. :)

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