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For Mothers' Day this year, albeit a few days late, I got an iPad. A shiny, new, 64 GB iPad 2, to be more precise. I already loved my iPhone and my MacBook, but I think it might just be my iPad that persuades me to go paper free (in terms of homeschool organization and planning) at last.

I've already added a lot of helpful apps. I'm also trying to figure out a way to swing making it work if we get EG an iPad, because I can already see so many potential uses for it for her with regards to schoolwork.

Therein lies my dilemma, in a way. For so long, I've been the only person who keeps track of the family calendar. I use iCal and have it nicely color-coded and everything. If EG starts using an iPad, though, and I can convince the Spousal Unit to use the iPod Touch, I suddenly reach the point where having our calendars sync would make so much sense. I'm not sure if I can do that with iCal but I'm pretty reluctant to switch to a new system!

I've already discovered I need to get Bento on our computers pronto. I got the iPad app and love it; I can't wait to modify it for school use!

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Monica . . . said...

Jealous! Enjoy!

K said...

i'm a dedicated mac user, but have made the switch to google calendar. it just works so much better. we've got color-coordinated, seamlessly-synced calendars for everyone. it pains me a bit that ical isn't the best option, and i remain a dedicated machead, but this time google has us beat!

Kash said...

I did find BusySync, which looks like it will work well--it uses google calendar as an intermediary but 'translates' it back into iCal on all the various computers/devices.

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