Two Steps Forward...

• We had no internet for most of last week, and then I took the kids to visit my parents for three days. The lack of internet was a huge downer. I did have my iPhone but it's not quite the same as a functioning internet connection on my laptop with its full keyboard.

• I did manage to get a lot accomplished last week while the kids read a lot. I have more work I want to complete during the remainder of this week.

• However, last night when the storms blew through, a neighbor's tree fell into our yard, across the fence that is technically theirs. The good news is that we have no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for the fence to be fixed. The bad news is that we're dependent on someone else to fix the fence.

• This is how I feel:


Anonymous said...

I've lurked here for a LONG time (I think spring/summer of 2009!) and never once left a comment. Talk about holding back the internet love. Thank you for this blog! It helped me so much in my early homeschool planning stages. Today, it gave me a much-needed cry while watching a few of the videos.
Thanks again,

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