Weekly Report: Week Twenty (days 093-097)

I am, frankly, too tired to write a full weekly report. Therefore, we have one BIG thing and one little thing for everyone.

• One of my good friends had her baby on Tuesday night, which happened to be her actual due date. She had a quick, intense homebirth-turned-unplanned-UC. Mama & baby are healthy, happy, and gorgeous!

• I updated my Ravelry account with actual pictures of my stashed yarn and my projects.

• PC has added several words to her vocabulary lately. This week, however, we have added the all-important "Why?"

• PC also moves ever closer to be potty trained. We had to resort to getting her the non-preferred Publix training pants. Target's have a kitty on them and therefore she likes them too much.

• I had suspected for a bit that perhaps FB could read more than he was letting on. Over the weekend, he exposed the depths of his knowledge. The little stinker can read! When queried about hiding it, he said, "I didn't want you to realize until I was eight or ten." Thanks, kid.

• FB finds the whole compost process fascinating to observe. We also finally finished reading a couple of the Greek myths books that we'd been slowly working through with him.

• EG has been working diligently to wrap up the computer portion of PLATO Earth & Space Science before we break for Christmas. She's got just four mastery tests, three applications, and two lessons left!

• EG had her piano recital on Monday! She performed two pieces. Her pubic speaking class also performed a short skit.

Monday was their "Colonial Feast" at Master's Academy, as you can see…


MJ said...

The dress looks great on her!!! I hope she loves it, it reminded me of all the cool costumes and fancy dresses my mom made me growing up :)

TechWife said...

Sounds like you've done a great job with the reading - even if he didn't want you to know about it!

Kristine said...

Oh the costumes look great, what fun! We're studying Colonial history right now too. FB hiding his reading skills sounds like something my boys would do!

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