Yes, It's Only December

And yes, I'm trying to start putting together a plan for next year (fifth grade for EG, kindergarten for FB). It's easier to picture what level EG will be at than it is to even attempt to predict FB's trajectory. For all that EG can be scary smart, I see even more traits of giftedness in him. This is the part where I whisper "help!" in a great, faux-scared stage whisper. :)

Fifth Grade
Language Arts:
     Word Study - continued use of All About Spelling through Level Six, if not completed this year; Vocabulary from Classical Roots, continuing through the series at a steady pace.
     Grammar - Punctuation Puzzlers, Harvey's as a reference for CW, GrammarLand, possibly The Language Mechanic.
     Writing - Classical Writing Homer and Poetry for Beginners; either outside class or some other program as well -??
     Reading & Literature - Literature list pulled primarily from WTM recommendations for fifth grade, along with beginning to delve more into analysis. I'd love to find a resource for this - I have Deconstructing Penguins but I admit I need a little more handholding... mainly because I don't enjoy literary analysis.
Mathematics: Art of Problem Solving texts, Life of Fred Advanced Algebra... it's so hard to say. If she hasn't finished the Key to Metric Measurement and Key to Percents series this year, she'll finish those. She may or may not play with the Key to Geometry books. Ideally, practice for and competition in Math Olympiad.
Foreign Language:
     Latin - either Lively Latin 2 and then Latin Prep 1, or just the Latin Prep series.
     Modern Foreign Language - either Chinese or German, probably primarily through a local tutor, utilizing whatever materials chosen by said tutor
History: Year One of Three covering world history, so primarily ancients, moving into the Middle Ages. The plan is to use History: The Definitive Visual Guide as a spine, following most of the suggestions as laid out in WTM.
Science: Oh, goodness. EG really wants to accelerate in science, and I told her I'd help her figure out a way to do it. Tentatively, she'll cover at least life science and earth and space science next year. I'd really like to spend at least a few months doing a history of science course, using the Joy Hakim books and other resources.
The Arts:
     Visual Arts - I really, really want to find time for her to take drawing lessons. I think artistic ability is somewhat fixed, but I also think that almost anyone can learn to sketch passably well. Master's Academy does a nice job of providing projects in various media.
     Drama - I also want to step up the amount of live performances that EG attends. Master's Academy does at least include drama and the chance to be in an end-of-the-year production.
     Dance - See previous comments about live performances. While EG has never expressed regret about stopping ballet after two years, I have considered seeing about some kind of low-key jazz or modern classes for her; I think she'd enjoy them more.
     Music - Continuing piano lessons and involvement in band playing the trumpet. We're looking for a local instructor for her to take trumpet lessons, as well, since the band instruction (or lack thereof) is frustrating her. At some point, I'd love for her to do the occasional voice lesson with her piano teacher (who also does voice training). Of course, attending more live performances would be a positive as well. I wish there was some kind of calendar of performances that included schools, amateur groups, and professional groups as well.
Physical Education & Health: I hope she'll continue to swim, either on her own or with a group of some sort, one to three times a week. Not sure what other physical activity we'll incorporate. I'm working on a list of books I want her to read for an informal nutrition study.

Language Arts:
     Phonics - I have no idea if we're going to keep using OPGTR or something else; either way, we'll continue phonics. If he ever goes off phonics-strike.
     Spelling - As much as I've not enjoyed teaching spelling, I go back and forth. He wants, desperately, to learn to spell. A big part of me wants to try Spelling Workout with him, because it would be so easy. I have almost everything for All About Spelling, though, so... we'll see.
     Grammar - I use First Language Lessons for kindergarten and first, so we'll start grammar in that.
     Handwriting - He's already using the kindergarten book of Handwriting Without Tears, so I'll probably make my own practice pages at first, and then move on to the first grade book.
     Writing - We may or may not do Writing With Ease. I'm leaning more towards "may," just because it would a chance to write (and boy, does he love to write!) in a workbook (which he also, inexplicably, loves).
Mathematics: Assuming we finish Right Start A this year (which I think we will, if we ever just do it again, we'll move on to Right Start B. I'm considering purchasing the Miquon books just because I loved using them with EG, and I think they'd complement Right Start well. I also have in mind to use the Math Mammoth materials if he needs extra practice. I have to keep reminding myself that he's not EG, who was so obviously a mathematician even at an early age.
Content Subjects: Geography, history, literature, science, and so forth. I have a long list of books to read to FB, and we'll work off that list. I also have ideas of experiment kits to purchase and do with him, informally. One thing EG and I enjoyed when she was in kindergarten was getting those "Cooking the [insert country here] Way" books from the library, reading some of the information, and picking one recipe to try. I still make the lentil soup from one of them. I'd like to do that with FB, too, especially since he so loves to be a "cooker."
The Arts: His arts exposure will be covered well by Master's Academy. Depending on the time that it's offered, I might have him participate in the class for five year olds at band. He'll go to as many performances as we think he can sit through without being disruptive.
Physical Education: If EG is going to swim regularly, that should translate into FB taking lessons at least once a week. I'd also like to enroll him in a gymnastics class.

Now to figure out what all of this means in terms of purchases to be made, right?
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