101 in 1001 List

Considering there are around thirty of my items that cannot be completed yet, due to time specifications, I feel like I'm doing fairly well. My entire list can be found here.

In Progress: 2 previous, 13 total
002. Read the unread books that I own and have owned for more than one years' time, or get rid of them. 36/45 read or discarded
007. Re-read one book I already own each month for twenty-four months, not including the books to re-read that are mentioned by name elsewhere on this list. One book each month for January through June.
009. In 2009, for every book that enters the house (bought new or used), remove one book, through donation, giving away to a friend, or selling. I've purchased 27 books, and removed 43 books.
010. Watch the entire Angel series. Halfway through season one.
056. Lose weight to at least 165 pounds. Seven pounds lost so far.
076. Hold a big birthday party for Jacob in 2009 and 2011. Jacob had his fourth birthday party at American Adventures, 21 March 2009.
088. Knit a hat and one other item for Jacob. Finished a hat, 3 June 2009.
089. Knit two items for Brigid. Half done on a hat, 14 June 2009.
093. Keep a paper journal, writing in it at least once every week for six months. Began on 1/1/2009, and have written each week through 6/14/2009, with the weeks starting on Sunday.
094. Tag all LJ entries. 2002 & 2003 entries tagged.
099. Make a new website. Re-registered domain name.

Completed: 7 new, 9 total
001. Read a novel per week for twelve weeks. Completed 19 April 2009
012. Watch remainder of Buffy. Completed 24 February 2009
053. Journal 'coulda woulda shoulda' once a month for the first six months of 2009. Completed 1 June 2009
061. Continue taking iron supplements through six months postpartum (May 20, 2009). Completed 20 May 2009
066. Get a land line installed again. Completed 25 April 2009
067. Buy a new freezer. Completed 5 June 2009
071. Fix the kitchen sink faucet. Completed 10 April 2009

Failed: 1
051. Listen to PC session once a month throughout 2009 and 2010. I didn't listen in January, February, or March, at which point I declared that I had failed. Previously, I had considered that if I missed just one month, I could listen twice in the next month, because the point was to listen periodically, not necessarily by the calendar. In the end, it was a somewhat unrealistic goal and if I were rewriting the list now, I wouldn't include it because it's a little too much focus on something that might not even happen. How's that for cryptic? I don't feel horrible about it, though, which tells me it probably wasn't actually important enough to me to get on the list.
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